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1 September 2018

CSESoc AGM 2018

5:00pm-7:00pm, Monday, September 10, K17 Seminar Room 113

It’s that time of the year again, CSESoc will be holding their Annual General Meeting for 2018 on Monday 10th of September at 5pm! Come along to learn more about the society and/or learn more about the election process.

There will be some changes to the election process this year, due to the retirement of the Schools election system. The main differences will be:

1.To vote, students must register on the election roll before Monday 17th September 5pm. [See section below!]

2.There will be an EGM to accept the voting results after the AGM to comply with ARC guidelines.

If you have any questions about the election process, don't hesitate to reach out at: copresidents@csesoc.org.au

Electoral Roll:

1.Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/xz2vhG4JO3HaXgSp2 2.The Electoral Roll will be open until the end of the nomination period (Monday 17th September 5pm).


Monday 10th September 5pm - AGM, nominations open.

Monday 17th September 5pm - Nominations close & voting register closes.

Thursday 20th September 12pm - Voting closes.

Thursday/Friday 21st September - EGM to accept the election results.


1.Co-President’s report. 2.Treasurer’s report. 3.Constitutional amendments. 4.Arc Delegate report. 5.Reports from Directors. 6.Business without notice 7.Close of meeting

In order to propose an amendment to the constitution, please fork our constitution on GitHub and then create a Pull Request with your changes. The constitution can be found at: https://github.com/csesoc/csesoc-constitution

23 April 2018

Important Degree Information For First Years

The school of CSE has asked us to forward some important degree advice about course selection for first years. For advice on selecting your courses, please follow the link below.


23 April 2018

Important Degree Info For First Years

The School of CSE has asked us to pass on the following advice:

Comp Sci students

  • should take COMP2521 in 18s2
  • could also take COMP1521 or COMP1531, but not essential
  • can delay COMP1531 to 19.1
  • can delay COMP1521 to 19.2

Comp Eng students

  • must take COMP1521 in 18s2
  • could also take COMP2521, but not essential
  • can delay COMP2521 to 19.1 or 19.2, but must take in 2019
  • can delay COMP1531 to 19.1

Software eng students

  • must take COMP1531 in 18s2
  • could also take COMP2521 or COMP1521, but not essential
  • can delay COMP1521 to 19.1 or 19.3

Bioinf students - should take COMP2521 in 18s2 - useful to also take COMP1531 - can delay COMP1521 to 19.1 or 19.3

Note that COMP2511 runs in term 2 and term 3 from next year.

For any questions please email jas@cse.unsw.edu.au

Check out the discussion on the Facebook thread.

23 April 2018

Important UNSW3+ Information

Last week CSESoc held an information session on the UNSW3+ Calendar in conjunction with the CSE School and the UNSW3+ Project team. Discussed was some important information regarding your CSE degree relating to it’s structure, internship opportunities and thesis.

We have created an information page on our website with links to important slides outlining changes to the academic calendar, together with a recording split in to two parts: a presentation of these slides, and general questions from CSE Students who were in attendance. Unfortunately some of the questions were not recorded well, however the quality of the answers should be clear. On the website, we have also attached links to important and critical resources for you to use to plan your degree.


8 April 2018

CSESoc Presents: CSE Trimester Evening

6:00PM-7:00PM, Wednesday 11th of April, Ritchie Theatre, G19 - underneath Scientia building, at upper campus main walkway

Next year, UNSW will be moving ahead with the UNSW3+ Academic Calendar. This means that instead of having 2 semesters each year, all students will have 3 trimesters.

Interested in hearing to hear how this will affect you? Want a summary of the key points before planning your degree for the coming years? CSESoc is partnering with the UNSW3+ Project Team and the School of CSE to give you an opportunity to find out how trimesters are going to work for CSE students.

Submit your questions! http://bit.ly/cse-trimester-questions Check out the Facebook event here.