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1 September 2018

Tech at Canva

11:00pm-12:00pm, Thursday 6 September, Level 5 Design Studio, Ainsworth J17

Canva, one of Australia's top startups will be coming back to UNSW with a few of their engineers to give an insight into the different areas within Canva and what they work on.

You'll definitely want to attend this talk if you're interested in working at Canva or interested in their Summer internship.

They'll also be giving out free swag! Facebook event for updates.

1 September 2018

WiseTech BBQ and Squashing Bugs Talk

12:00pm-14:00pm, Wednesday 5 September, Level 5 Design Studio, Ainsworth

WiseTech will be on campus available for networking during our awesome FREE BBQ on Wednesday! WiseTech are constantly on the lookout for talented and motivated people, so don't miss this chance to hear directly from WiseTech employees!

They'll also be giving a super exciting technical talk on the following: Squashing Bugs: Tips and tricks for writing high quality code with minimal bugs and what to when they sneak through anyway. Facebook event for updates.

27 August 2018

CSESoc Hackathon 2018

9:00AM - 9:00PM, Saturday 22nd September, UNSW

Do you have your own personal student struggle you want to fix? Think you can do it in 12 hours? Do you want to win a prize for doing so? If so, come to CSESoc’s Hackathon 2018!

For updates and details, check out the Facebook event.

29 July 2018

CSESoc Workshop: Why You Should Learn Python

Thursday, August 2 at 11 AM - 12 PM, Ainsworth J17 Level 5 Design Studio

If you've ever wanted an extensible language to create your own projects, websites or write awesome algorithms with, then Python is the language for you!

Python is not only a powerful, general purpose and widely used language, but also one which is both easy to learn, and use!

We'll cover some syntax that to get you started, so bring your laptops if you'd like to code along with us, otherwise you can find all slides online after the talk!

Check out our event on Facebook:


29 July 2018

CSEsoc Data & AI Industry Night

Thursday August 9, 6:30 PM, Atlassian, Sydney CBD

Are you interested in how Data Science and AI is used in industry? Then CSESoc’s Data & AI Networking Night is for you.Throughout the night you’ll hear from a diverse range of amazing companies who are looking to hire students like YOU. There’ll also be ample opportunity for you to network over delicious FREE food and drinks!

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/S7RWVkMN9dv4nOim2