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Opportunities Wiki

Welcome to our opportunities page. The spirit of this page is just to chuck down a big list of links out to resources that could be relevant to you. Next time you feel like procrastinating, come here and we can at least make you're procrastinating more productive (but seriously, you should probably do that assignment).

We want to keep this list alive and kicking, and the best way is to incorporate any great things that you have read or seen. If you have anything thought-provoking that you want other CSE students to see, get in contact with us so that we can add it onto the list!

Open Source

Giving back by developing open source software is greatly rewarding. You can learn how the tech works, experience being part of a team and you get to work on real world stuff. And employers love seeing open source work on a resume as well.

How to contribute

[Open Source Guides] This details the high level overview of what open source is and generally how it works.

[First Timers Only] A great resource aimed at people new to open source software.

[Free Code Camp] A good list of resources about open source software.

Examples of open source projects you could contribute to

[Data Motion] A good list of open source software that you might want to have a look at to get an idea of what these code bases look like and what tools are open source.


How, why and what you get out of volunteering

[Trigger warning: USYD] A good list of reasons on why you should volunteer.

Volunteering at UNSW

[ARC Volunteering] ARC always has good volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering in Sydney

[Seek Volunteer] Just a jobs board type list for volunteering opportunities.

[Volunteering NSW] An introduction to interning in NSW.


Current Sponsors who are accepting internships

[Optiver] An algorithmic trading company on the cutting edge of technology.

How to make the most of your internships

[IBM Blog] A few tips of things to do during and after your internship.

Upskilling your soft skills

Resume tips

[Australian Based Resume how-to] General overview of how resume's are generally made in Australia.

[Liver Career] Some examples of software engineering resume.

Interview resources

[Glassdoor] A list of past (and real) interview questions pitched to software students.

Networking advice

[Mind Tools] Elevator pitch how-to.