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UNSW3+ Information

Next year, UNSW will be moving ahead with the UNSW3+ Academic Calendar. This means that instead of having 2 semesters each year, all students will have 3 trimesters.

Interested in hearing to hear how this will affect you? Want a summary of the key points before planning your degree for the coming years?

Information Evening, April 2018

The resources below were presented to CSE members and students on the 11th of April 2018.

The session was run in a panel format with the following speakers in attendance:

  • Shane Griffin (2025 Strategy Portfolio Lead)
  • Morrie Pagnucco (Head of School of CSE)
  • John Shephard (Head of Education, School of CSE)

UNSW 3+ Information Slides

UNSW3+ Information Session Recording

Note: we would like to apologise for the recording quality being poor at times due to questions not being recorded. If you would like any clarification or have any questions regarding information discussed, please reach out to Sophie Burrows from the UNSW3+ Team at s.burrows@unsw.edu.au.

Additional resources: