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Current Students (Mentors)

About Mentoring

Being a CSE Student Network Mentor is a fun and very rewarding role. Mentors play an important part in helping new CSE students transition into life in CSE and at UNSW. We assign you a few mentees (new CSE students), who you organise to catch up with throughout the term, and attend fun Student Network events with. It is a fantastic way to expand your own network, get involved in CSESoc, and develop leadership experience.

What it takes to be a Mentor!

  • You must be in 2nd year or above, studying a program under the CSE faculty.
  • Be committed to attending Student Network events and holding catch ups with your mentees throughout the first 5 weeks of term (Approximately 2-3 hrs per week) as well as help out at peer mentoring and first-year-wide events throughout the term.
  • Friendly and be able to make new students feel welcome.

More details about the role: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i7II2nAK6aQfV3FBvg2YfJTK13mE_tN8/view?usp=sharing

Important to Remember

  • Always talk about your "own or friend's experience"
  • Don't give Program Advice or Academic assistance (instead direct them to the correct resources, e.g. UNSW Academic Advising, tutor consults, ...)

Mentor Applications will re open later 2019 for post-graduate intakes!

Mentor Resources

A Mentor's Responsibilities

Emergency Protocol

Other UNSW Mentoring Programs can be found at UNSW Peer Mentoring.