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Mythological Origin

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the son of Alcimus or Anchialus. In his old age Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who placed Mentor and Odysseus' foster-brother Eumaeus in charge of his son Telemachus, and of Odysseus' palace, when Odysseus left for the Trojan War.

When Athena visited Telemachus she took the disguise of Mentor to hide herself from the suitors of Telemachus' mother Penelope. As Mentor, the goddess encouraged Telemachus to stand up against the suitors and go abroad to find out what happened to his father. When Odysseus returned to Ithaca, Athena appeared briefly in the form of Mentor again at Odysseus' palace.

Because of Mentor's relationship with Telemachus, and the disguised Athena's encouragement and practical plans for dealing personal dilemmas, the personal name Mentor has been adopted in English as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mentor

To this day a mentor is a guide, someone with wisdom and foresight who helps another find their path. A mentor is generally a more experienced person, passing on their knowledge and skills to a less experienced person.

CSE Student Network

The CSE Student Network began back in 1999 as a Mentoring Program for female students. It was expanded to included all students in 2001, and changed its name to the CSE Student Network in 2009, to reflect its true purpose (to form a social network amongst CSE students). In 2015, CSESoc assumed responsibility of the program for the first time.