UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Society
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One of the core goals of CSESoc is to provide students with a large variety of opportunities to build and diversify their careers and professional portfolios. Our members are recognised around the globe as world class computing students and many of them go on to work at an extremely wide range of organisations in an assortment of different roles.

The careers team aims to imbue our members with the skills, experience, and connections needed to forge a successful career in the technology industry. We organise and host events throughout semester designed to achieve this goal - such as sponsor talks and workshops, networking nights, resume and interview workshops, hackathons, and so on. We also help manage sponsor relations, as sponsors play a key role in everything we do. This year, we're also planning on launching a number of exciting professional development initiatives, which, combined with our events, look to form a strong platform in maximising opportunities for all of our constituents.

If that sounds like an amazing and meaningful role to play, then watch out for the next CSESoc recruitment drive - we're looking for passionate and dedicated people to get involved in the Careers team!

Contact Email: careers@csesoc.org.au