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CompClub is the high school outreach program of the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSESoc) at UNSW Sydney.

CompClub exists to introduce high school students to the basics of Computer Science and to encourage students to study CSE.

CompClub runs ​standalone workshops throughout the year at UNSW and participating high schools as well as biannual programs at UNSW known as the Summer and Winter Schools.

If you are a teacher or educator who is interested in contacting us, please email us at compclub@csesoc.org.au or have a look at the UNSW USTEM Program.

If you are a high school student, have a look at our Winter Workshops.

Interested in helping out?

A new volunteer portal is currently under construction, but you should keep an eye out on the CSESoc facebook and in SOCAnnounce because we post all our opportunities there!