UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Society
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Software Projects

CSESoc is a society for computing students, so it's only fair we do some computing. The CSESoc Projects team works on projects like the society's website, and other student led initiatives. We also work with the Tech team to run workshops, to build skills that can help in these and other projects, and other small parts of the community (Murder anyone?).

We want to see the Projects team grow, and give members the skills their project ideas to reality, both inside and outside the society.

We encourage everyone to join the Projects team, regardless of experience level. Even if you don't feel like you can contribute technically, we want you for your ideas and your enthusiasm. Projects can be a great chance to learn some of the gaps in your knowledge that lectures might have left, and to offer your first taste of designing and building things for the real world.

Contact Email: software.projects@csesoc.org.au