UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Society
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Workshops & Academics

The Workshops team organises student-run educational events throughout the year to help CSE students (and anyone else, really) make use of both new, and widely used technologies. Additionally, Workshops promotes the use of Linux through installfests by helping students set up and solve problems with Linux. This enables CSE students to go above and beyond their degree, and we want your help! Either as someone with a lot of experience to spread knowledge, or someone with a little experience to translate from 1337speak to n00bspeak, or someone with no experience to provide a roadmap of what CSE students want to know.
To get involved with Workhops, hit the join button to get on the mailing list, or e-mail our Workshops head at :workshops.academics@csesoc.org.au.

A quick list of some of the things Workshops does:

  • Installfests
  • Seminars (Python, Linux, Git, Text Editors)
  • Interactive Workshops (e.g. getting started with DevSpace hardware)
  • Lightning Talks
  • Alumni Talks